24.11.2021 - Start of "Campus FreeCity" Project with EDAG CityBots: New solutions for urban traffic problems

Start in Frankfurt am Main of the “Campus FreeCity real lab for the research of a networked fleet of modular robot vehicles” project sponsored by BMVI.

The success story of the “EDAG CityBot” mobility concept continues. Within the context of the “Campus FreeCity” project sponsored by BMVI, development is to continue of the vision of a multifunctional, autonomous fleet of robots for a first practical application in a physical environment. The funding decision was officially handed over by Dr. Michael Güntner, state secretary at BMVI, on 24 November 2021. The project, which is scheduled to run until May 2024, is being sponsored to the tune of € 11 million by BMVI within the scope of the action plan “Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence in Mobility”. House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbH, the consortium leader, is in charge of the overall project management, and acting as the content-related and organisational interface of the consortium. Besides HOLM GmbH and EDAG Engineering GmbH, other project partners are EintrachtTech GmbH, T-Systems International GmbH, COMPREDICT GmbH, DEKRA Automobil GmbH, the University of Fulda, and the Technical University of Darmstadt.

“In 2019, with the CityBot mobility concept developed by EDAG, we presented a concept for making urban mobility more connected, more efficient and more sustainable. Following the presentation of the first fully automated AI technology carrier in 2020, we are delighted that, with the “Campus FreeCity” project, we will reach the next milestone in its technical further development and practical use,” explains Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. In the course of the project, the EDAG Group will for the first time ever network two additional intelligent, modular robot vehicles – the “EDAG CityBots”. These are two interchangeable transport and conveyance modules, developed and produced by the globally operating engineering service provider. This means that the EDAG Group is providing the complex core of the real lab installation.

“We can put our skills in the development of autonomous vehicles, AI solutions, software and digitalisation and classic vehicle engineering to optimum use in the project. A fascinating project and one in which our project management team in Fulda will be involving our EDAG specialists worldwide. Apart from the technical challenge, what particularly motivates us is the fact that we will be making a sociopolitical contribution with this funded project, to make our cities quieter, cleaner, more life enhancing and smarter in the future,” adds Cosimo De Carlo.

Using “EDAG CityBot” vehicles developed by the EDAG Group, the project is carrying out laboratoryscale research into the challenges posed by and possible solutions for our previously uncoordinated urban transport. Urban transport is characterised by high traffic density, congestion, local emissions and the use of large areas of land. Its transport potential is neither coordinated nor fully exploited.

The interdisciplinary “Campus FreeCity” project is researching the challenges posed by and possible solutions for inner-city traffic problems using two “EDAG CityBot” vehicles which, in the course of the project, will be developed for the transport of passengers and goods, then implemented, operated and scientifically analysed in the laboratory. The laboratory development enables various topics relevant to future mobility and logistics systems be explored under realistic conditions. These include networked, automated driving functions, networking and data exchange, human-machine communication, acceptance and trust, integrated order management and the identification and realisation of economic and technical optimisation potentials in operation.

“This project is examining a completely new type of mobility and logistics system, and is therefore making
a definite contribution to the transformation of transport. In the long term, it offers an all-round, sustainable approach to solving inner-city traffic problems,” says Michael Kadow, CEO of HOLM GmbH, adding: “We are therefore proud to be coordinating this process, and to be promoting ground-breaking industrial research and development in cooperation with our project partners.

As a development and networking platform, we also see this project as a chance to increase awareness for new, intelligent and networked mobility concepts.”


EintrachtTech GmbH from Frankfurt am Main is providing the spatial infrastructure for the real lab at the
Deutsche Bank Park site, and, in cooperation with the other partners, is working on relevant use cases to develop the user requirements and underlying user journeys, taking the scaling in the urban area into account.

T-Systems International GmbH from Frankfurt am Main has taken on the research into technical approaches, process and operational procedures for remote operation and the technical supervision
of automated vehicles.

COMPREDICT GmbH from Darmstadt is responsible for the measurements needed to train the virtual sensors and predict component breakdowns.

DEKRA Automobil GmbH from Klettwitz analyses future requirements for the approval of new mobility
concepts, incorporates new findings into the new and further development of regulations, and develops the test procedures required to secure safe operation.

The University of Fulda is responsible for supply chain modelling, the process model, and for the co-development of planning algorithms.

And the Technical University of Darmstadt is responsible for the scientific guidance and identification of further efficiency potentials with regard to the design and operation of the drivetrain for the CityBots.

In addition to the consortium, FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH has also joined the project as an associated project partner.

26.10.2021 - Smart City Expo World Congress, SCEWC 2021 in Barcelona

At the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), 15.11.-18.11.2021 in Barcelona, industry representatives, political decision-makers and companies meet annually to exchange ideas, learn from each other and jointly develop the city of the future.

How do we want to live in the future? What will the cities of the future look like? What makes a city worth living in? How can we reconcile living, working, housing, transport and nature in cities? What opportunities does the use of digital technologies offer?
These questions are becoming increasingly important, especially since more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. There is no end in sight to urbanisation, but there are many positive examples around the world that show that the city of the future can be liveable, sustainable and progressive.
Of course, everything is also supported by the EDAG CityBots mobility system and the EDAG services for Smart Cities.

EDAG is co-exhibitor on the fiware booth, hall 2 – booth 151

Smart City Expo World Congress 2021

EDAG CityBot at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021 (YouTube Video)

EDAG Smart City (YouTube Video)

15.10.2021 – The EDAG CityBot was a perfect fit for the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

The ITS World Congress (11 – 15.10.2021) is the world’s largest leading event for intelligent and smart solutions for transportation, mobility and logistics.

EDAG attended with its services on a joint booth with fiware.

Here, the EDAG CityBot demonstrated two new use cases from the stand, based on its further developed AI and as a crowd puller, it represented 100% of the content of the congress and exhibition, which revolved around the topic of smart mobility solutions.

Accordingly, networks and associations as well as cities and operators of logistics centres or ports showed great interest in our Smart City services and the EDAG CityBot.

For us, it has once again been shown that EDAG is on the right track!

Highlights: FIWARE & EDAG at the ITS World Congress 2021

EDAG at the ITS World Congress

14.10.2021 – Gmünd Forum Electro Mobility/Future Mobility in Schwäbisch Gmünd

In his presentation, our colleague Johannes Barckmann informs about the EDAG CityBot mobility system and presents forward-looking theses about the acceptance of all stakeholders in the context of future mobility offers (technology migration) for discussion.

Mobility today is experiencing a profound change. Both the economy and society are undergoing a transformation process that is gaining momentum. Alternative forms of propulsion, digitalization including autonomous driving and the need to rethink urban mobility are opening up a wide range of opportunities and business models. At this event, the Gmünd Mobility Forum will take on the task of providing answers to the question of where future mobility solutions are headed.

The next Gmünder Forum Mobilität will take place on October 14, 2021, where our colleague Johannes Barckmann would also like to take part in the discussion on the extent to which the EDAG CityBot mobility system can become a part of future mobility offerings.

Link to the event (German)

20./21.09.2021 – Municipal economy: Conference on urban cleanliness in Limburg

Copyright: AWB Cologne

In the presentation “Autonomous cleaning with the EDAG CityBot” our colleague Johannes Barckmann ventures an outlook on the possibilities of using the EDAG CityBot for municipal work tasks, such as street cleaning, green area maintenance, snow removal and waste disposal.

The demands on street cleaning with regard to economic efficiency are increasing – everyone who works in municipal cleaning is feeling this today. The balancing act between greater cleanliness and the simultaneous demand for fee reductions presents protagonists with daily challenges. Management concepts and new technical solutions for the current challenges are needed! In this context, the topics of sustainability and automation will be the focus of this year’s conference on 20/21 September 2021 in Limburg. The target group of this event are managers in the division, department and subject area management of city cleanliness and winter services.

Our colleague Johannes Barckmann will shed light on what contribution the EDAG CityBot could make here in the future by autonomously cleaning the streets in his presentation at 9 a.m. on September 21.

The complete conference program can be found under the following link. The conference is fee required and will take place in presence.

Link to the conference and registration (German)

13.09.2021 – Sustainable mobility in a livable urban region

At this year’s Impact Festival in Frankfurt, our colleague Johannes Barckmann pitched the EDAG CityBot mobility system in 5 minutes on the topic of “Sustainable mobility in a livable urban region”.

“Future-proof mobility in a livable urban region – how we will be on the road tomorrow”: This is the focus of the annual conference of the Mobility Cluster on Monday, September 13, 2021, 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM). The target audience for this conference includes experts in the field of transportation at the municipal, regional and state level, as well as neighboring disciplines and an interested public who want to actively exchange ideas on the topics of mobility infrastructure, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and design from a holistic perspective.

In a 5-minute pitch, our colleague Johannes Barckmann will present the EDAG CityBot mobility system here and will be available for interested parties and questions on site afterwards.

Participation is free of charge, registration is required.

30.06.2021 – ABC Award 2021 – The world of mobility

The new demands for quality of life and sustainability are changing our way of mobility. New technologies and concepts for urban mobility that fit the lifestyle and work style of the 21st century have to be developed. As the leading mobility award, the ABC Awards uniquely honour these forward-thinking and future-oriented designs. This year’s winners include the EDAG CityBot. The interdisciplinary jury is composed of experts from the fields of media, design, brand communication and universities. They acknowledged the EDAG CityBot “Best of the Best” as follows: “As we have come to expect from the innovation driver EDAG, the EDAG CityBot paves the way for another step into the future of mobility and brings the smart city another step closer. With its clever and networked modular concept, the EDAG CityBot raises urban mobility to a new level of quality and acts as a link between smart mobility and the smart city. The resulting innovative applications of the EDAG CityBot – especially in the area of routine tasks – are practically endless and promise real added value for the city and its residents. An exciting concept that gives us a glimpse into the city of tomorrow.”

More information:

02.06.2021 – Free Online Event: Tech Days, Munich

During Tech Days Munich, Innovation managers from the corporate world mingle with digital natives to exchange their views on ongoing transformation, new ways of creation, organising or accelerating innovation. And we are right in the middle of things. Johannes Barckmann, EDAG CityBot concept & product owner, joined by Patricia La Torre (humanising autonomy) and Thomas Strottner (brighter AI) will show how how municipalities might benefit from autonomous mobility solutions.

Save the Date: 08.06.2021!

The complete programme and link for free registration can be found here


“As a rule, a Smart City is characterised by intelligent traffic planning, the enhancement of local transport and ideal networking of all transport users. How can we achieve this efficiency?” FIWARE announces their Mobility Day with just this question. Our answer: with our EDAG CityBot mobility concept.

The fully autonomous roboter vehicles with swarm intelligence can take on any mobility task in the smart city – from street cleaning to delivery services to large-capacity taxis. How? Our colleague Johannes Barckmann, Product Owner EDAG CityBot, will explain this in his presentation.

Register for free:  / March 25, 2021, 11:30-11:50 a.m.


Due to the overwhelming response from the previous live demonstrations of the EDAG CityBot AI prototype, we are offering two additional events on 03.03.2021.
Register now for one of the two free webinars and secure your place at the live stream. (Please note that they are held in the German language.)

Request webinar recording!


In pursuit to position India as a global design hub and to stimulate Indian industry to invest in design as a key component for increasing competitiveness, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII Design) has been pursuing multipronged strategies in promoting the value of design and leveraging its capability to accelerate economic growth, for the last 19 years. This year, the conference will take place from 11th to 19th Dec and we can proudly confirm our commitment with our colleague Johannes Barckmann as a speaker to this event about EDAG CityBot’s mobility and design concept.

For more information see

04.12.2020 – Impulses for the Smart City of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at the "Nutzfahrzeuge 2020" on December 7 and 8

At this year’s Handelsblatt’s digital two-day annual conference on commercial vehicles, industry experts will discuss strategic solutions to trends and challenges so that the industry’s backbone emerges stronger from the crises. Our colleague Johannes Barckmann will be there with impulses for the Smart City of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Take a look at the program now (german only): 

26.10.2020 – EDAG TECH SUMMIT 2020 ON AIR

Insights into the further development of the AI – prototype of the EDAG CityBot.

For more information see

23.09.2020 – FutureCar Berlin: How the EDAG CityBot might become a game changer for the Smart City

For over ten years now, numerous companies have, under the direction of the Fraunhofer IAO, been jointly researching technological changes in the automotive sector in the FutureCar innovation network. During the FutureCar network meeting in Berlin, Johannes Barckmann, EDAG CityBot Concept & Product Owner, will be demonstrating how the EDAG CityBot might become a game changer for the Smart City. The core statements of his presentation:

  • No individual transport in inner cities
  • No smog, no noise, and no congestion
  • New housing and living space in the newly vacant car parks, and cycle paths instead of roadside parking
  • Needs-based configuration, resulting in numerous deployment and service options with a variety of new business models
  • 24/7/365 availability, making it profitable and efficient

For more information see

07.09.2020 – Bosch Engineering provides for orientation and endurance

Ultrasonic sensors: although hardly anyone is consciously aware of them, they are indispensable in driverless vehicles like the EDAG CityBot. The surround sensors installed in the EDAG CityBot make self-localisation and safe movement in confined spaces possible. The system supports emergency braking functions and evasive manoeuvres at low speeds by detecting the presence of very close objects and reacting faster to dynamic obstacles that suddenly appear, pedestrians for example.

The powerful and compact battery packs supply the energy for the EDAG CityBot prototype and, thanks to their quick-charging function, have it ready for use again in no time.

Statement by Bosch:
“We are delighted to be part of this future project, and provide our expertise and technologies to support the EDAG Group. Our surround sensor system helps the CityBot to get its bearings and move safely, and to avoid collisions with objects. Quick charging is possible thanks to the powerful and compact 48-volt Bosch traction battery. With these two technologies, we are making a valuable contribution to the further development of the project.”

31.08.2020 – EDAG CityBot uses Goodyear tyres

We are pleased to have acquired an innovative partner for the tyre technology of the future in Goodyear. Not only do the tyres ensure that the EDAG CityBot has good road holding properties, but also – thanks to integrated sensors and the IoT – provide a steady connection with the control software of the future EDAG CityBot ecosystem. Among other things, the sensors monitor temperature, pressure and tyre wear. This enables us to optimise tyre performance, minimise downtime and cut costs.

Statement by Goodyear:
“Together with the EDAG Group, we look to a future that will enable safe, flexible and sustainable mobility through fleets of autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. We are excited to apply our intelligent tyre technology on the EDAG CityBot, and provide relevant information to the vehicle and fleet operator to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.”

24.08.2020 – IOTA makes numerous business models possible

Passenger or goods transport, pizza stand or road cleaner – there are almost no limits to the possible uses to which the EDAG CityBot can be put. What makes the business models possible is IOTA, a data communication and payment protocol. The services available are offered on an IOTA-enabled marketplace, and charged and paid for after execution by either machine-to-machine or machine-to-infrastructure payments.

Statement by IOTA:
With outstanding teams of forward-thinking individuals, the EDAG Group and the IOTA Foundation are jointly challenging the status quo. By utilizing IOTA’s open source, feeless and green infrastructure the EDAG CityBot is able to securely interact with millions of humans and machines. This ultimately creates a safe, automated and sustainable environment for us humans.

19.08.2020 – Elaphe gets the EDAG CityBot moving

Many of the EDAG CityBot’s applications are characterised by slow speeds and high precision. The manoeuvrability of the vehicles is made possible by compact Elaphe in-wheel electric motors. Four lightweight electric motors per wheel supply an output of up to 24 KW.

Statement by Elaphe:
“Together with the EDAG Group, Elaphe is proud to give the EDAG CityBot a new dimension with the world’s leading in-wheel propulsion, heralding a new era of innovation in the mobility industry. Thanks to its modular design, the EDAG CityBot is a perfect blend of efficiency, agility and manoeuvrability which takes full advantage of the in-wheel design freedom enabled by Elaphe wheel hub motor technology.”

18.08.2020 – EDAG CityBot goes SafetyWeek

From 1st – 3rd September, the who’s who of the vehicle safety industry will be meeting at the SafetyWeek in Würzburg. The Auto[nom]Mobil session focuses on new forms of mobility such as autonomous driving in urban areas. In this context, Johannes Barckmann, EDAG CityBot Concept & Product Owner, will, in his presentation “EDAG CityBot – a holistic mobility concept for the Smart City of the future”, be showing how mobility in the Smart City can be raised to a new level through safe autonomous driving. Furthermore, visitors to the symposium can experience the EDAG CityBot live at our stand, where they can discuss active and passive safety with our experts.

More information on our presence at the SafetyWeek.


The jury’s decision was:

EDAG is a well-known pioneer and innovation driver in the mobility sector. The CityBot concept is more than just a testimony to the company’s three areas of competence on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. In an extremely intelligent way, it also demonstrates the potential that can be found in a holistic view of mobility, and shows new opportunities for urban development. The images of possible business cases that were briefly outlined reflect only a small section of the numerous possible applications of the CityBot, and open up an almost endless field of opportunities for sustainable and holistic mobility. With this project, EDAG once again lives up to its reputation as a visionary of future mobility.

Source: Design Council / Automotive Brand Contest

20.10.2019 – DESIGN "OSKAR" FOR EDAG

The CityBot wins the German Design Award 2020 in Gold in the category “Excellent Product Design”. The high-class jury honored the iconic design of the EDAG CityBot, which visibly reflects a radical new approach to an efficient and sustainable mobility.

Thanks to its multi-functionality, the CityBot concept is a milestone on the way to holistic mobility in metropolitan areas and future-oriented urban planning.

The EDAG Designers Ricardo Hagemann (left) and Tom Hasenauer (right) accepted the prize in Frankfurt. Georg Ruhrmann accompanied his two colleagues to the awards ceremony.

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Johannes Barckmann
EDAG CityBot Concept & Product Owner
EDAG CityBot Insights
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