For the first time, DEKRA, consortium partner of the Campus FreeCity project, carried out tests with the EDAG CityBot on the race track of the DEKRA Lausitzring. Within the scope of the consortium meeting of the project, extensive road tests were carried out to evaluate the performance of the EDAG CityBot and to explore new possible applications: speed tests, brake tests, emergency stop function tests. Having an independent and renowned technical expert assessment is necessary to ensure the functional safety of the EDAG CityBot vehicles and the seamless processing and operation in the operation center. A special focus was on the simulation of contact with pedestrians, unknown objects on the road and the testing of the new use case FODBOSS sweeping pad.

driving around unknown object:

In collaboration with T-Systems, teleoperated driving was carried out as planned in Fulda and at the project partner Dekra on the Lausitzring. These tests are crucial to the safety and reliability of the vehicles in potentially dangerous situations.

dummy test:

Another important aspect of these road tests was the successful simulation of contact with pedestrians that serve to test the CityBot’s reaction in scenarios that include unpredicted obstacles. These simulations help the developers optimize the safety of the vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

cleaning pad:

The road tests came to a highlight with the first use of the FOD*BOSS sweeping pad as a new use case for the EDAG CityBots. This innovative application offers the chance to clean race and test tracks more efficiently and more environmentally friendly. During the road test, the performance of the sweeping pad was evaluated in different situations to assess its potential as an extension to the tasks of the EDAG CityBot. The test results are promising and show the potential of this new application for the future of mobility.