Future-proof mobility concepts are supported by modern development methods and the continuous improvement of existing components – which is also the case with the EDAG CityBot. One specific example is the wheel carrier component, which uses integrated sensors to record and evaluate everyday data on distances traveled, road conditions, etc. The new generation of wheel carriers being developed on the basis of this data meets the exact requirements recorded, and therefore guarantees a long service life for components and vehicles.

The components are developed using automated engineering and manufactured with the tried and tested 3D printing process. We created the development and production process and selected suitable materials in close cooperation with Fraunhofer IWU and Constellium.

Statement of Fraunhofer IWU

“We are delighted to be able to demonstrate the flexibility and performance of 3D printing with the wheel carrier for the EDAG CityBot. The process chain developed by the EDAG Group permits the automated adaptation of the design to specific loads and transport tasks, which can be produced very economically in low-volume series with the aluminum alloy used.”