The relocation of the EDAG CityBot fleet from Fulda to the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt marked a significant development in the Campus FreeCity project.

All aspects of the EDAG CityBot’s operations are being tested at the Deutsche Bank Park site: from the ordering of a service to the successful completion of the work assignment. Throughout the process, particular attention is being paid to vehicle and system monitoring and the optimization of fleet operations using a control system.

The Deutsche Bank Park provides a realistic test ground for testing highly automated robot vehicles. In the past few months, ten use cases from the areas of passenger transport, logistics and facility management have been given priority.

These include:

  • Watering trees and plants
  • Transporting employees and their work materials to their job location
  • Transporting people with restricted mobility
  • Supplying kiosks with goods
  • Refuse and green waste disposal

Many of the processes and requirements arising in city centers are also to be found in the stadium grounds, so, as the stadium site is like a city in miniature and has similar processes, findings from the smart stadium can be transferred to the smart city and the smart region. For the time being, there are no plans to utilize EDAG CityBots when the stadium is in use or on Bundesliga match days, but the future of mobility is already beginning to take shape here.