Linear actuators are always then used when tilting, lifting, pulling or pushing movements with a defined force are required. This is very well demonstrated in the case of EDAG CityBot. Here, the actuators from LINAK take on several tasks:

Starting with the avatar head which is moved vertically into an optimal position for the sensor system, a further adjustment moves the transport tray of the tipping trough module into the position for emptying.

In addition, a special support foot is driven and extended on all trailer modules that are equipped with an additional rear axle. This enables the automated coupling process and the separate parking of the trailer modules.

All required load cases of the different tasks are completely covered by LINAK linear actuators.

LINAK electric linear actuators are characterized by clean and robust movements that can be controlled precisely and smoothly. Thus, they form an important basis for the functions of the highly automated EDAG CityBots.

Statement by LINAK:

“We are delighted to supply the linear actuators and in this way become part of the EDAG CityBot concept. Every LINAK linear actuator undergoes one hundred percent functional testing before it leaves our factory. We are aware of the fact that reliability is of the utmost importance, especially in an environment as sensitive as highly automated driving. For this reason, we carry out a large number of tests in which the linear actuators are pushed to their very limits – in order to ensure that they perform optimally throughout their service life. This means they are ideal for the EDAG CityBot ecosystem.”